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Title Authors Title of Journal Year
Dynamics of electroencephalogram oscillations underlie right-eye preferences in predatory behavior of the music frog  2019
Preference of spectral features in auditory processing for advertisement calls in the music frogs  2019
Vocal networks remain stable after a disturbance in Emei music  2019
Covariations between personality behaviors and metabolic performance traits in an Asian agamid lizard  2019
The driving forces behind female-female aggression and its fitness  2019
Mate choice decisions of female serrate-legged small treefrogs are affected by ambient light under natural, but not enhanced artificial nocturnal light conditions  2019
Auditory sensitivity changes with diurnal temperature variation in little torrent frogs (Amolops torrentis)  2019
Azaphilone Alkaloids with Anti-inflammatory Activity from Fungus Penicillium sclerotiorum cib-411  2019
Dynamics and potential roles of abundant and raresubcommunities in the bioremediation of cadmium-contaminated paddy soil by Pseudomonas chenduensis  2019
Species Boundaries and Parapatric Speciation in the Complex of Alpine Shrubs, Rosa sericea (Rosaceae) Based on Population Genetics and Ecological Tolerances  2019
Species boundaries and parapatric speciation in the complex of alpine shrubs, Rosa sericea (Rosaceae), based on population genetics and ecological tolerances  2019
A plastid phylogeny of the fern genus Arachniodes (Dryopteridaceae)  2019
Pollen morphology in Rubus (Rosaceae) and its taxonomic implications.  2019
Effects of Experimental Warming and CO2 Concentration Doubling on 13C CPMAS NMR Spectra of Humin in Coniferous Forest Ecosystems of the Eastern Tibetan Plateau in China  2019
A Taxonomic Revision of Photinia integrifolia (Rosaceae)  2019
Arachniodes hehaii (Dryopteridaceae), a new fern from Guizhou, China.  2019
Eight new species of the fern genus Polystichum (subg. Haplopolystichum; Dryopteridaceae) from limestone caves in Guizhou, China  2019
Lectotypification of fifteen names of Rubus L. (Rosaceae) mainly from the Hengduan Mountains, China.  2019
Molecular Phylogeny of the genus Hylodesmum (Fabaceae)  2019