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Title Authors Title of Journal Year
Determination of a astragaloside IV derivative LS-102 in plasma by ultra-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry in dog plasma and its application in a pharmacokinetic study Phytomedicine2019
Quality Evaluation of Tricholoma matsutake based on the Nucleic Acid Compounds by UPLC-TOF/MS and UPLC-QqQ/MS Molecules2019
Microbial community succession and pollutants removal of a novel carriers enhanced duckweed treatment system for rural wastewater in Dianchi Lake basin Bioresource Technology2019
Design, Synthesis, Insecticidal Activity and Molecular Docking of Doramectin Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry2019
Pharmacokinetics comparison, intestinal absorption and acute toxicity assessment of a novel water-soluble astragaloside IV derivative (astragalosidic acid, LS-102) European Journal of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics2019
Determination of flavonoid glycosides by UPLC-MS to authenticate commercial lemonade Molecules2019
Quality evaluation of Tricholoma matsutake based on the nucleic acid compounds by UPLC-TOF/MS and UPLC-QqQ/MS Molecules2019
Competitive protein binding assay of naproxen by human serum albumin functionalized silicon dioxide nanoparticles. Molecules2019
High nitrogen resorption efficiency of forest mosses Annals of Botany2019
Development of chalcone-O-alkylamine derivatives as multifunctional agents European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry2019
Positron emission tomography probes targeting bromodomain and extra-terminal (BET) domains to enable in vivo neuroepigenetic imaging chemical communications2019
Wheat-associated microbiota and their correlation with stripe rust reaction Journal of Applied Microbiology2019
Tough self-healing elastomer based on host-guest interaction of poly-cyclodextrin ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces2019
β-Cyclodextrin Based Air Filter for High-Efficiency Filtration of Pollution Sources Journal of Hazardous Materials2019
Differential Responses and Controls of Soil CO2 and N2O Fluxes to ExperimentalWarming and Nitrogen Fertilization in a Subalpine Coniferous Spruce (Picea asperata Mast.) Plantation Forest Forests2019
Preference of spectral features in auditory processing for advertisement calls in the music frogs Frontiers in Zoology2019
Sustainable ammonia-contaminated wastewater treatment in heterotrophic nitrifying/denitrifying microbial fuel cell Journal of Cleaner Production2019
Structural Characterisation and Immunomodulatory Activity of a Polysaccharide Isolated from Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.) Root Residues Journal of Functional Foods2019
Dynamics of electroencephalogram oscillations underlie right-eye preferences in predatory behavior of the music frog Journal of Experimental Biology2019