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Yongheng Gao
Highest   Education: 

Education and Appointments:

2019.01-present: Professor at Chengdu Institute of Biology, CAS

2014.12-2015.12 Research fellow at Colorado State University

2012.12-2013.11 Visiting scholar at University of Quebec at Montreal

2010.12-2018.12 Associate professor at Institute of Mountain hazard and Environment, CAS

2007.07-2010.11 Assistant professor at Institute of Mountain hazard and Environment, CAS

Research Interest

Grassland Ecology, Carbon and nitrogen cycles in terrestrial ecosystems

Public Services

Editorial board member:

  Pratacultural Science

  Journal of Mountain Science

  International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health



Seleted Publication

Du CJ, Gao H*. Grazing exclusion alters ecological stoichiometry of plant and soil in degraded alpine grassland. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 2021, 308: 107256.

Du CJ, Gao YH*. Opposite patterns of soil organic and inorganic carbon along a climate gradient in the alpine steppe of northern Tibetan Plateau. Catena, 2020, 186: 110.

Du CJ, Jing J, Shen Y, Liu HX, Gao YH*. Short-term grazing exclusion improved topsoil conditions and plant characteristics in degraded alpine grasslands. Ecological Indicators, 2020, 108: 110.

Du CJ, Wang XD, Zhang MY, Jing J, Gao YH*. 2019. Effects of elevated CO2 on plant C-N-P stoichiometry in terrestrial ecosystems: A meta-analysis. Science of the total Environment, 650: 697–708.

Gao YH*, Cooper DJ, Zeng XY. 2018. Nitrogen, not phosphorus, enrichment controls biomass production in alpine wetlands on the Tibetan Plateau, China. Ecological Engineering, 116: 31–34.

Gao YH*, Cooper DJ, Ma XX. 2016. Phosphorus additions have no impact on plant biomass or soil nitrogen in an alpine meadow on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, China. Applied Soil Ecology, 106: 18–23.

Gao YH*, Ma XX, Cooper DJ. 2016. Short-term effect of nitrogen addition on nitric oxide emissions from an alpine meadow in the Tibetan Plateau. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 23: 12474–12479.

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